Intuos Video Pro Post Production

Experience the Video Post-Production Workflow with Intuos Pro

October 1, 2021

Whether you’re brand new to video production or you’re looking to level up your skills, learn more about editing with your Intuos Pro and learn the basics of each of these programs.

Edit with Adobe Premiere Pro 

Once you’ve filmed video, Adobe Premiere Pro is your first stop for cutting and arranging clips as you draft your project. The key functionality of Premiere Pro is to piece together a complete video. You can easily pull in clips from various recordings, and see the full timeline of your project. 

If you’ve considered adding video editing software to your toolkit before, you may have searched something along the lines of, “Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe After Effects”. The best answer is: both!

You can complete basic transitions and effects using Adobe Premiere Pro as a standalone editing tool. But to really experience the full realm of possibilities in video, continue your workflow using Adobe After Effects and Boris FX below. And don’t worry about the complications of exporting and re-importing video files between Premiere Pro and After Effects. Using Adobe Dynamic Link, the two programs talk to each other to save you time. Here’s an overview of workflow tips using Dynamic Link to optimize your setup.

Now onto where the magic happens in video post-production with your Wacom Intuos Pro…special effects!

Add special effects with Boris FX Suite and Adobe After Effects

With your Intuos Pro, you get the best of both special effects worlds with trials of both Adobe After Effects and Boris FX Suite. So how do these two programs work together? Most products in the Boris FX Suite are plugins and require a host application to run – in this instance, it’s Adobe After Effects. By using these two tools together, you’ve expanded your special effects arsenal to include rotoscoping, photo-realistic lens flare, digital makeup – and much more.

Rotoscoping Wacom Intuos Pro Boris FX


Get started with Boris FX + Adobe After Effects with these introductory videos


There are certain workflows in video production and editing that are next to impossible to accomplish without a pen tablet. Use your Wacom Intuos Pro tablet for the most precise rotoscoping workflows and motion graphics compositing that truly take your video projects to the professional level.

Share files with MASV

Now that you’ve completed your masterpiece, you likely want to share it with others. Before uploading to the general public on YouTube, you may need to transfer this file to a client for review or approval. That’s where MASV comes in. MASV’s file transfer service is designed for the biggest of files, up to 5 TB with a single package. Perfect for those 4K video projects that would normally choke other file transfer services.

If you’re reading this and thinking, “I need to pick up the newest Intuos Pro”, click here.  Happy video creating!

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