Filmmaking Today Walks You Through Video Editing with the Intuos Pro

October 31, 2020

Give him nine minutes, and Bojan Dulabic might just answer all your questions about how to use Wacom tablets for video editing and clear up any doubts you might have about getting one.

In this video for Filmmaking Today from Dulabic Studios, he unboxes the Intuos Pro 2019 Medium and demonstrates it with Adobe Premiere, going through how to program the Intuos’s shortcut buttons for max efficiency, navigate with both the pen and scroll wheel, and even most effectively use its touch functions, in the process tackling the question of just what you need it for.  

Are you a video editor thinking about buying a tablet? Or maybe a tablet user thinking about trying videography? We’d call this one a must-watch.

His conclusion?  If you can spring for it, there’s no reason not to: It can speed up your workflow and even save your wrist. “Using a mouse is really not a comfortable thing. It’s something we got used to, but … to avoid carpal tunnel, it’s really not great,” he says. “This way, you’re basically using a pen—it’s like you’re writing. That’s much better for your wrist.”

…And as a bonus tip, he recommends, make sure to buy a wrist pad.


About Dulabic Studio

Dulabic Studio is a suburban Vancouver multimedia company that shoots photos and videos; designs still graphics, motion graphics, and websites; and does VFX. Their namesake, Bojan Dulabic, also runs the blog and Youtube series Filmmaking Today. He once made a full-length zombie movie on $4,000.

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