Get ready to make some waves. #MerMay2020 is here!


Ahoy there, mateys! Dive deep into your imagination and join in all the fun that is MerMay: a month-long celebration of creativity, community and above all, mermaids.

MerMay2020 prompts

All aboard for an art contest

This year again, we are pleased to announce that Wacom is the official sponsor of the MerMay contest in which you can win a splashy prize including a Wacom Cintiq 22 or one of four Wacom One creative displays. To be considered for the art contest, all entries must include #WacomMerMay2020 in the text of the post.  Please see entire rules on

Don’t abandon ship till you’ve learned what else makes Mermay2020 so special

Live interviews on Tuesdays

As a bonus, every Tuesday in May there will be LIVE interviews called #TailTalkTuesday

Live drawing demos on Wednesdays

LIVE drawing demos by @TomBancroft1 every Wednesday at 5 PM called #WacomWednesday .

Special webcomic

Follow the official Mermay Instagram page to see the latest episodes of Riding the Wave webcomic


Live (probably virtual) event from Gallery Nucleus on May 16

Featuring more artists than you can shake your tailfins at, this show is sure to be a bubbly delight for all ages. The show features over 30 pieces of brand new original art from veteran MerMay artists, including Tom Bancroft himself! The event also includes exclusive print releases as well as the first ever Mermaid of the Year enamel pin, designed by artist Pernille Ørum!



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