Shore up your art skills and get ready to make a splash. #MerMay2021 is here!


Ahoy there, mateys! Dive deep into your imagination and join in all the fun that is MerMay: a month-long celebration of creativity, community and above all, mermaids.

This year, there will be TWO contests, for twice the fun

Meryay 2021 prompts

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Make sure to read the official rules here, but most importantly you must use hashtags: #MadeWithWacom  #MerMay and #WacomMerMay2021 in your post captions for each piece submitted on  either Instagram, TIK TOK (or both) to qualify for these contests.

Judging will be compiled throughout May, and final judging will take place  on May 30, 2021 by a panel of artists and non-artists pre-selected by MerMay creator Tom Bancroft.

Illustration contest:

To qualify for the illustration contest, you must post original artwork (none of the art can be reused or based off of other’s artwork) on your own Instagram and/or Tik Tok accounts (as many art pieces as you would like) from May 1- May 30, 2021. All forms of media (except photography), from digital to traditional art media are accepted.  A mermaid/merman should be included in the illustration in some way.

Animation contest:

Those participating in the animation contest must post to Instagram and/or Tik Tok, a 1-minute short, animated film involving mermaids/mermen in some way. Artists can do anything with that 1 minute. Creativity is key. Artists must additionally use the #MerMayPencilish2021 (as well as other Mermay hashtags above) to be considered, or we will not see their work. These shorts need to be posted by 10 am Central time, Monday, May 17th, to give Pencilish time to choose the winners. All forms of animation are accepted (2D, pencil test, full color, CG, stop motion, etc.)


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