Get Started Drawing with This Mini Illustration Course from Rapid Fire Art


Darlene Nguyen from  Rapid Fire Art has been churning out drawing tutorials in er… a rapid fire way, so we thought we’d start compiling them into a Mini Drawing course that teaches you how to draw the human face. Darlene’s clear step-by-step explanations show how to achieve results quickly and easily, and is a great resource for mastering the basics or getting a quick brush up on your illustration techniques.  While most of her Rapid Fire Art YouTube tutorials use analog techniques, Darlene has recently starting expanding into digital art and uses a variety of Wacom gear including the Wacom Cintiq 16, Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 and Wacom Intuos Pro paper edition.  Whether you’re doing digital art or working with pen and paper, Darlene’s tutorials will teach you something new and interesting.


How to Draw Eyes

How to Draw a Nose from the Side

How to Draw Ears

Quick Tips for Drawing Lips

How to Draw a Happy Expression

How to Draw an Angry Expression



How to Draw a Sad Expression

How to Draw an Excited or Surprised Expression

How to Draw a 3/4 Face


Bonus: How to Draw and Design Faces on Wacom Intuos Pro paper edition


About Darlene Nguyen and Rapid Fire Art

As sDarlene Nguyenomeone who struggled during her school years, Darlene was determined to find a more effective way of teaching. She launched her website. Rapid Fire Art and YouTube channel with the goal of helping equip beginning artists with all the resources they needed to learn the skill of drawing without having to scour the internet for bits and pieces of tutorials or fork over buckets of cash. Darlene’s detailed step-by-step drawing tutorials are actually a valuable resource for all artists – from beginner to seasoned pro. Her fun and clear tutorials help beginning artists quickly develop their basic skills, while more seasoned artists benefit from a quick refresher course on topics like realistic drawing and shading, drawing with perfect proportions or drawing what you see.


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