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Going to Comic-Con? Come play with Wacom.

July 10, 2019

Every year in July close to 200,000 people set out on a pilgrimage to the holiest of comics and cosplay sites on the planet – Comic-Con International in San Diego, California. It’s a veritable sea of people, colors and activities. Here, people watching isn’t just a casual pastime. It’s pretty much a requirement. If you are going to spend a full day at Comic-Con, be prepared to bump into Pikachu, not the same one, at least 500 times. “Hey! Didn’t I just see…never mind.” The show can be overwhelming at times. Don’t fret. There is a cure.

The Wacom booth, Hall G, booth #5336, is a mini-oasis where you can come draw on our latest pen tablets and creative pen displays. It’s a fabulous place to escape and to learn more about, not only your own drawing skills, but the whole digital process that goes into creating today’s comics, toys and collectibles. This year, Wacom has assembled another great group of digital artists to inspire Comic-Con attendees with their amazing drawing talents and share stories on such things as life in the studio, character development, tips and tricks, etc. Questions are encouraged, so feel free to ask our presenters anything about their career in the comics industry. Artists will be drawing on a Wacom wide-format Cintiq creative pen display and their work will be projected on a large screen for all to see. It’s always a treat to see what these talented artists produce in such a short period of time. Additionally, it’s a great way to see the role Wacom products play in the life of a comic artist.

Mike Atniel

Some of the artists presenting this year are: Alex Sinclair, DC Comics colorist, Mike Atniel of The Simpsons, Dan Katcher from Game of Thrones, Tuesday Bassen, illustrator and apparel designer, Luke McGarry, creator of Sad Chewie, Peter Han, instructor at Art Center College of Design, Sanford Greene, Marvel, Image Comics, Dark Horse and DC, and Joel Santana, renowned freelance illustrator.

Tony Washington at SDCC

Comic-Con runs from July 17 – 21. We look forward to seeing you there.

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