How To Draw a Face of a Superhero-like Character

January 29, 2019

Follow along with Darlene’s step-by-step tutorial


Have you ever wanted to brush up on your illustration skills but didn’t really know where to start? Are you frustrated with your slow progress and feel like you’ve hit a wall? Are you a seasoned artist who could use a refresher course but don’t have a bazillion dollars to invest? Have no fear, Darlene Nguyen from Rapid Fire Art is here to help.

For beginners

As someone who struggled during her school years, Darlene was determined to find a more effective way of teaching. She launched her Rapid Fire Art website and YouTube channel with the goal of helping equip beginning artists with all the resources they needed to learn the skill of drawing without having to scour the internet for bits and pieces of tutorials or fork over buckets of cash. Darlene’s detailed step-by-step drawing tutorials are actually a valuable resource for all artists – from beginner to seasoned pro. Her fun and clear tutorials help beginning artists quickly develop their basic skills, while more seasoned artists benefit from a quick refresher course on topics like realistic drawing and shading, drawing with perfect proportions or drawing what you see.


She also offers more advanced tutorials that are incredibly affordable and within just about anyone’s price range. Darlene even takes on the challenge of new ways of drawing – using her non-dominant hand, or drawing digitally with Photoshop on a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet. By doing things that are new, she’s on a level playing field with new artists. Since she doesn’t have the same level of control with her left hand as she does with her right, she needs to develop her drawing muscles from scratch. In doing something new, Darlene proves that anyone can learn to draw – it’s just about practice, practice and more practice.

Drawing with her non-dominant hand

Drawing with her non-dominant hand

In this video, Darlene shows you how to draw a face of a superhero-like character on the Wacom Intuos Pro paper edition. She brilliantly combines an analogue workflow with a digital one.
Learn more about Darlene and her Rapid Fire Art tutorials

Learn more about Darlene and her Rapid Fire Art tutorials:





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