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I Spy a New Online Store for Wacom and Upcoming Deals


Wacom’s eStore has that new website smell! We sequestered a team in a large conference room with nothing but cereal bars, cashews and some extremely large sticky notes to put together a brand new eStore, which is optimized for mobile and makes searching Wacom products that much easier. And it’s the place to find financing on your favorite Wacom product.

The team stayed chipper throughout, though the rest of the Wacom team were cautioned away by a drawing on one of the large sticky notes with a skull and crossbones. We also lingered by the occasional buffet lunches that were served outside the large conference room but all of us were respectful of the team and no one (NO ONE!) snuck a plate of Chipotle.

Here are the awesome things you can find in the Wacom eStore:

At the Wacom eStore, you can purchase the full range of Wacom products, including our accessories, such as replacement pens and nibs.

In celebration of the opening of our new eStore we’ll be doing great Spring promotions starting Leap Year weekend (check your social for really sweet deals) and all through March just in time for spring.

Deals start February 28th and will include:

  • Price promotions on Pen Displays
  • Bundle discounts on accessories and creative software
  • Refurbished product discounts
  • Also, check your favorite social media channels and deal sites for even more promotions