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Improve Your Art Fast By Mastering This One Simple Technique


3D box drawings are an essential fundamental of art. Even the grand masters used some form of 3D box drawings in their work. In this easy-to-follow video series, Canadian artist and filmmaker Collin Chan, shows you how you can vastly improve your artistic ability by understanding the power of the 3D box and unlocking its potential.

Ready to see how the 3D box can be applied to your own art? Collin breaks it down for you in three simple videos.

See how a 3D box gives you greater perspective

No matter what you are drawing: a person, structure, animal or really any object whatsoever.

Use the 3D box as a measuring tool understand anatomy and proportions

Collin also demonstrates object/technical drawing by using the 3D box along, with a bit of science, to draw any object by breaking it down to its simplest shape.

Learn how you can use the 3D box technique to figure out lighting and shading, key components to taking your art pieces to the next level

No matter what you draw, a 3D box helps the viewer to understand where the light source is and grounds the object.



Collin ChanAbout Collin Chan

Collin Chan is a Canadian artist, Corel Painter Master Elite and award winning filmmaker who’s artwork can be seen on most social media platforms. He graduated with a B.A in illustration from Sheridan College. His realistic approach to digital and traditional artwork (including acrylic, oil, inks, watercolour and other mixed mediums) explores themes of humanity, truth and life. He has done art for companies including Wacom, Anker, Corel Painter, Zhiyun Tech, Moza, Olloclip, Insta360, Pentel Pens, Daler Rowney and much more. Outside of painting he is closely associated with independent film and you can see his most recent short films on Youtube.

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I believe that the true responsibility of an artist is to show society as it really is. There is no value to art without fundamentals and meaning. That is why everything I do is real. From the themes I explore to the mediums I use, every collection that I paint blends realism and the imagination to create a visual narrative that represents a specific aspect of the world we live in. 

~ Collin Chan