July 14, 2020

Welcome to part one, of our three part series with Michael DiTullo

In this first video, Michael will walk you through the design process of how he starts with an initial idea, refines his work, and then develops his content at the presentation level.  Below, Michael will discuss how he approaches thumbnail sketching:

In this three part series, Michael will design a unique phone on his Cintiq Pro 24 while sketching in Autodesk SketchBook. Take a look at part 1 below:

Links to what Michael used in this video:

About the Author:

For more than 20 years Michael DiTullo has been designing iconic products and brand experiences for some of the best brands in the world including Nike, Google, Motorola, Honda, and Hasbro. Michael frequency speaks at design conferences, universities, and corporations on the value of design. His work has won numerous awards and he has been featured in many publications including an interview in the book “Dieter Rams, As Little Design As Possible” alongside other contemporaries such as Jonathan Ive and Naoto Fukasawa. Located in Portland, Oregon, his studio focuses on industry leading halo projects across autonomous automotive, consumer electronics, travel, mobile devices, wearables, toys and conceptual Hollywood entertainment projects.



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