LightBox Expo 2019: The Ultimate Celebration of Art

August 19, 2019

More than 3,000 attendees and 250 of the best artists from the animation, live-action, illustration, and gaming industries are coming together September 6-8 in Pasadena, CA to kick off the first annual LightBox Expo, sponsored by Wacom. Renowned character designer and Illustrator Bobby Chiu and Emerald City Comic Con founder Jim Demonakos have teamed up to create this unique space where fellow creators can share art with the public, meet other artists, and immerse themselves in educational visual arts activities. 

Teaching and helping are in Bobby Chiu’s blood. He began mentoring artists on the subways of Toronto for five years before founding Schoolism, an online platform for art courses and live art workshops available globally. For Bobby, LightBox Expo is all about appreciation and the opportunity to shine a light on the artists behind the media: I hope attendees will take away knowledge about what it takes to create all of their favorite shows, illustrations, and games that they love so much, but also an appreciation of the individuals that help to make it happen.”  

Attendees can expect interactive workshops, panels and demonstrations from industry leaders, and an exhibit floor. On Saturday evening at the Sheraton, Wacom will be hosting an animated, yet interactive dance-off in partnership with Disney animator Mike Morris and storyboarding and animation software company, Toon Boom. A live DJ and refreshments will set the mood for artists to showcase their animated dance routines while attendees show off their own moves. A dance-off winner will be selected by a panel of judges. We agree with Bobby; LightBox Expo will be the beginning of something incredible“We won’t fully realize the importance of this event until 20 years later and say that we were there that first year where the best of the best artists came together.”

Be on the lookout for new Wacom products at the event; you won’t want to miss the latest in pen tablets, interactive pen displays, and digital interface technologies at booth #1314.

We’re so excited to join this new experience created by Bobby and Jim and we wish LightBox Expo a long and happy run. For more information on LightBox Expo, including a list of events, visit the LightBox website. Be sure to follow Wacom’s social channels for an inside look during the event. 


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