Preparing for Onsite and Online Learning in the Fall – A Panel Discussion

July 21, 2020

Preparing to Switch Back and Forth Between Onsite and Online Teaching is a panel discussion that Wacom helped organize for the Second Wave Summit 2020, put on by the Academy of Active Learning Arts and Sciences (AALAS). The summit, targeted at educators from around the world, addresses the continuing threat of Covid-19 to school systems in the fall and how remote learning can help ease some of the stress for both teachers and students.

The panel of five, consisting of teachers and technical administrators from secondary school and higher education, is moderated by Jon Bergmann of Flipped Learning Worldwide, a renowned expert on the topic of remote learning. The discussion centers around the role of technology in today’s classroom and the mindset as well as equipment needed to support onsite and online teaching during these very difficult times.

There will be two opportunities to listen to the panel during the month of July. The first, Thursday, July 23rd at 9AM PDT | 12PM EDT, and the second, Friday, July 31st at 11:30AM PDT | 2:30PM EDT. To register, please visit the Second Wave Summit 2020 registration page.

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