Ross Draws comes into ‘Bloom’ with his first art book


Artist and YouTube celebrity, Ross Tran, is best-known for his color dodge magic, but has been busily working behind the scenes to expand his repertoire. He began developing the story of Nima, whose main protagonist was based a combination of his childhood influences and inspiration. In 2017, Ross successfully funded his Kickstarter project for Nima.   As he was working on the release, Ross wanted to thoroughly explore the process of producing a book. In doing so, he created his first publication,  Bloom, Volume One, a 64-page volume of stunning paint sketches featuring work never before seen on his social accounts.

In the video above, Ross creates on a Wacom Cintiq 22 to paint a a nymph spirit, a princess of butterflies. The butterflies chose her as their safe haven and that light feeling is meant to reflect the feelings of the viewer as well.  As if the viewer is choosing her as their safe haven.Bloom, Vol 1

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