Small and Mighty, Intuos Pro is Here

May 9, 2019

Cutting-edge cute. Delightfully darling digitizer. Call it whatever you like, but the new Intuos Pro Small, introduced today, is one seriously portable and powerful pen and touch tablet that will be especially appealing to today’s always on-the-go creatives. To all those naysayers who said, “you can’t take it with you.” Well, guess what? You can.

Built for those who are serious about their art and design, the space-saving tablet’s small footprint, wireless connectivity and battery-free pen technology that never needs charging makes setting up to work at coffee shops, meeting rooms, client’s offices, home, school or studio fast and hassle free. The Intuos Pro Small joins the Medium and Large models of the family already on the market. All three sizes of Intuos Pro tablets feature a TouchRing and ExpressKeys™, six on the Small and eight on the Medium and Large, for the creation of customized shortcuts to speed up the creative workflow. In addition, incorporating both pen and touch on the tablet allows you to explore and navigate in a fresh new manner, making the whole creative experience more interactive. The Intuos Pros are built with a durable anodized aluminum back case and come with an elegant desktop pen stand containing ten replacement pen nibs.

Premium Pro Pen 2 Provides Premier Performance

The Wacom Pro Pen 2 offers Wacom’s most advanced creative pen technology to date, featuring four times the pressure sensitivity as the original Pro Pen. 8,192 levels of pressure, tilt recognition, lag-free tracking and incredible accuracy effectively emulate working with traditional media by offering a natural drawing experience. Additional benefits include virtually no jitter in the tablet corners and a much-improved pressure curve where the lightest and hardest of pen or brush strokes offer the digital equivalent feel and results you would get with real ink and paint. Additionally, the pen’s customizable side switch allows one to easily access commonly used shortcuts, greatly speeding production.

And, don’t forget, to support the various needs of artists using the Intuos Pro, Wacom offers two very helpful accessory pens (purchased separately). The Pro Pen 3D, features a third button which can be set to perform typical 3D tasks such as tumbling objects in commonly used 3D creative and CAD applications. The newly released Pro Pen slim, supports some artists ergonomic preferences for a slimmer pen with a more pencil-like feel. Both are compatible with the Intuos Pro family and can help customize and speed the creative experience.

The Intuos Pro Small ($249.95 USD) is available this month, as are the Intuos Pro Medium ($379.95 USD) and Intuos Pro Large ($499.95 USD) on the Wacom eStore and select consumer electronics retailers.

So, put an Intuos Pro Small in your backpack or laptop bag and you are off to the races. It would make a great gift for a recent graduate or Mom on Mother’s Day too. It’s amazing how something so small can have such a big impact on your artistic endeavors.

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