Tayler Olivas Shows You How to Paint a Killer Landscape with Custom Brushes and the Wacom One

November 11, 2020

The Proko tutorial empire keeps expanding: First into different art styles, then into different artists, and more and more, into different media.

Over this video’s impressive 20-minute runtime, guest artist Tayler Olivas will take you through the process of creating an environment painting from scratch in Photoshop on the Wacom One.  And when I say from scratch, I mean that in italics: From scratch.  

Starting with the default workspace, he sets up his own minimal layout, designed to maximize painting space on the One’s 13-inch screen, that he calls the “Big Brain Setup.”  And when he jumps into the painting, you might be surprised how he starts.  But by the end, he’s refined a block of big, abstract shapes into a landscape that looks almost photoreal.

Key tips

  • How to paint with the lasso.
  • How to make brushes out of traditional painting scans.
  • How to assign hotkeys to cycle through multiple tools: Photoshop does this by default with ones like the paint bucket/gradient, but it doesn’t occur to most artists to do it themselves.
  • How to paint a really good sphere.

I could go on, but even if I transcribed the whole video, it wouldn’t compare to seeing him in action—especially since this is one of those speedpaints that doesn’t look like it’s going to work until it suddenly does.  Check it out!



About Tayler

Tayler “Juice Brush?” Olivas is a vis dev artist working in film and games: his most recent one is Planet Initium.  He paints a lot of deserts and beaches inspired by his Orange County, CA home, and does it very well.

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