The best features of the brand-new, incredibly realistic digital painting software, Rebelle 6

January 3, 2023

We’ve discussed the award-winning painting software from Escape Motions, Rebelle, before. But they’ve completely outdone themselves with the newest version of Rebelle, just released this past December — Rebelle 6.

Here are some of the most incredible new features in the latest version.

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What is Rebelle?

Rebelle is unique among digital painting software for its incredibly realistic painting tools — watercolor simulation, oil and acrylic mixing, and color pigmentation. Like few other pieces of software, it impressively mimics how real-life media lay on canvas.

Rebelle 5 introduced best-in-class, true-to-life color, and allows artists to directly manipulate oil thickness, watercolor diffusion, and paint pigment color mixing. it also introduced NanoPixel, which used AI to increase the quality of editing, allowing post-creation editing without having to re-paint.

All of this is best enjoyed with a Wacom tablet or display. Wacom’s incredibly precise, ergonomic pens, paired with the textured surfaces of our devices, means painting digitally with Wacom and Rebelle is the most realistic digital painting experience there is.

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What’s new in Rebelle 6?

The coolest new feature is fractal image processing, an image recognition machine learning algorithm that takes NanoPixel to the next level. 

That means transforming and editing of paintings can be done without losing almost any of the details of a work and without pixelation. This also works for resizing entire canvases; if you create something at a certain size, but realize that you want to sell prints of it at a larger size, for example, fractal image process allows for this to happen like never before.

Another upgraded feature is the brush creator, which allows nearly unlimited brush creation — and you can create favorite brushes for more efficient workflows. If creating your own brushes isn’t your thing, Rebelle also comes with more than 240 brush presets.

Rebelle’s claim to fame is its realistic painting tools and paint mixing, and a new feature, stroke length, is now adjustable — this determines when your brush runs out of paint, just like in real life. It also offers more than 120 papers, canvases, and other surfaces, because in real life, paint clearly sits and blends differently depending on the surface upon which you’re painting.

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rodas illustrations

Rebelle’s educational offer

With the aim to support art education around the world, Escape Motions is offering a free Rebelle 6 volume license of up to 20 seats for classrooms.

Any elementary, higher education, or university teacher interested in new painting tools for their class can apply and receive the volume license. Rebelle 6 Pro volume licenses are offered with a significant discount tailored to the school’s needs.

Individual lifetime licenses for students and teachers are provided with a 40% discount. This offer applies to all Escape Motions software.

Learn more about Rebelle’s educational offer here.

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About the author

Abeni Jones is a former graphic designer, illustrator, and educator, and current writer, who bought her first Wacom tablet in 1999. She’s passionate about video games, design, and the great outdoors.

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