The best gifts for beginning artists and creative young people

November 29, 2022

Modern artists at all levels need modern tools.

Today’s artists, designers, illustrators, sculptors, crafters, photographers, and filmmakers are just as likely to work with computers and software as they are to work with pens, pencils, paint, canvas, video cameras, film, fabric, and other traditional tools.

Wacom products are the best gifts for creative young people and beginning artists in 2022, because they’re the modern tools today’s creative professionals use — either scaled down in size and complexity for beginners or more-affordable versions of the Pro line used across creative industries.

The best gift for creative teens: Wacom Intuos

A Wacom Intuos Wireless is the best gift for a creative young person, whether they’re into content creation, editing photos, drawing fanart, or any other creative pursuit.

Why they’ll love it

Wacom Intuos is a lightweight, sturdy, versatile, and easy to use tool that will bring your loved one’s creativity into the digital realm. The built-in ExpressKeys mean it can be customized for them to use in whatever way they think is best.

With Wacom Intuos, they’ll harness the power of their computer and the software they’re already familiar with. It works seamlessly with free tools like Canva, Krita, and Tux Paint, but every purchase of a Wacom Intuos also comes with free trials of a bunch of creative software, including two years of Clip Studio Paint for drawing, illustration, and comics, one year of Boris FX Optics for photo editing, and a three-month Skillshare membership to really level up their creative skills!

Despite its size and affordability, Wacom Intuos provides expert-level input precision for drawing, designing, or editing with its ergonomic, battery-free pen — and with 4,000+ levels of pressure sensitivity, it’s much more precise and comfortable to use than a mouse. Both sizes are convenient and portable, especially the Bluetooth Wireless versions, which save space on cable clutter, both on a desk or in a laptop bag or backpack.

Wacom Intuos is the best gift for creative girls, boys, kids, and teens, because the options for creative exploration are limitless.

Wacom Intuos Works with Chromebook
wacom intuos photography editing
intuos pro

Wacom Intuos Wireless is on sale!

Both sizes and colors of Wacom Intuos Wireless are on sale until December 12, 2022!

Wacom Intuos Wireless, size medium, is $100 off, coming to only $100! Wacom Intuos Wireless, size small, is $50 off, coming to only $50!

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The best gift for beginning artists of all ages: Wacom One

Wacom One is the best gift for a beginning artist or creative, no matter their field — but it’s an especially perfect gift for fan artists, illustrators, cartoonists, and designers just getting into their hobby.

While some some creatives prefer the feel and ergonomics of using a pen tablet like the Wacom Intuos, others want to use our ergonomic, precise, battery-free pens directly on the screen. The Wacom One is the perfect gift for a beginning artist who wants to try out a pen display but isn’t ready to commit to a larger, more expensive, more powerful device. Considered the “entry level” Wacom pen display, Wacom One is reliable and adaptable but is a much more affordable choice.

Compatible with virtually all of the best creative software programs including Adobe Creative Suite, Wacom One is a beginning artist’s best friend. The bright, textured, HD screen feels like pen on paper — and its 13.3″ inch screen is the perfect size — large enough to do detailed editing but small enough for a student or anyone with limited desk space.

It’s especially great for beginning photo editors, designers, and illustrators, because it comes with a free three-month trial of the Affinity suite including Affinity Photo, a fully-featured alternative to Adobe Lightroom, and Affinity Designer, a powerful alternative to Adobe Illustrator. Affinity does not require users to enter an endless subscription plan like Adobe does, so if they end up liking the trial they can pay once and be done! It also comes with a three-month trial of Skillshare, meaning there are thousands of classes they can take to level up their skills.

wacom one photographer
wacom one
wacom one photographer

Wacom One is on sale!

Wacom One is $100 off until January 2, 2023!

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The best gifts for talented teens and serious amateurs: Wacom Intuos Pro and Wacom Cintiq

If you’re shopping for someone who’s already creating digital art — but seriously needs an upgrade to their tech — then Wacom Intuos Pro or Wacom Cintiq could be the perfect gift. 

Why they’ll love it

If they prefer a pen tablet, but already have an old Wacom Intuos or a tablet from Xencelabs or Huion, the Wacom Intuos Pro is a perfect option. It’s what professionals use, and if they’re getting serious, then they need the best tech there is.

Intuos Pro comes with the Pro Pen 2, which has 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity for intricate, detailed work , and it’s lightweight and ergonomic for long editing sessions.

With built-in ExpressKeys, they can tailor the tablet to their own workflow — and it comes in three sizes, so you can gift the one that fits their space requirements.

If they want a creative pen display, the Wacom Cintiq is a step up from the Wacom One (but isn’t as full-featured as the Wacom Cintiq Pro). For someone who’s pretty serious about their art, but isn’t necessarily a professional, it’s a perfect gift. The 16″ size is large enough for almost anything, but won’t dominate an entire desk — and the 22″ size is essentially a monitor replacement, large enough for whatever they’ll throw at it.

Wacom Cintiq has a bright, beautiful display, great color accuracy, and incredible input precision — it also comes with the Pro Pen 2. If you’re shopping for someone who wants to take their creative work to the next level, Wacom Intuos Pro or Cintiq are the perfect gifts.

intuos pro
wacom one photographer
wacom one photographer

The best gifts for creative kids and beginning artists:

Wacom Cintiq Pro 16

Wacom Intuos wireless pen tablet

Wacom Intuos is designed for convenience and creativity. The precise pen input makes creating digital work a breeze, and ExpressKeys can be easily programmed for keyboard shortcuts. It’s a perfect gift for beginning artists and creative teens.

Wacom Cintiq Pro 16

Wacom One pen display

The perfect entry point for beginning artists of all ages, the Wacom One has all the features you need in an affordable, durable device. It’s the best creative pen display at an amazing price.

wacom cintiq pro 27

Wacom Cintiq pen display

These incredible pen displays are the world-class, high-quality devices Wacom is known for. With unparalleled precision and color accuracy, with Wacom Cintiq they’ll be using the same tech the pros use.

intuos pro

Wacom Intuos Pro

This super-slim, compact pen tablet is a joy to use and is built to last. It comes in a variety of sizes for any application, and the built-in ExpressKeys mean it’s completely customizable for any workflow.

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