The unconventional and poetic world of Mikeila Borgia

December 3, 2021

Mikeila Borgia’s work is hard to describe. Hell, Mikeila herself is hard to introduce, and not because there isn’t enough to say, but because she’s truly hard to contain in simple sentences. For brevity’s sake (this is a blog after all) let’s call her a creative director and photographer from Buenos Aires, Argentina with an affinity for creating poetic imagery and building beautiful conceptual worlds. I think she might also be from outer space.

Mikeila began her artistic work as a photographer and in many ways the art of capturing light is very fitting for her. She is heavily drawn to magical worlds and has assembled a great set of skills to help her create them, including photo editing and retouching, installation building, light manipulation, painting, modeling, and performing. Mikeila is also a passionate educator and loves teaching at ORANGE Art Station and online in places like Domestika. 

Check out the class she gave during Wacom Academy!

Mikeila loves working with Adobe Photoshop, Camera Raw, Lightroom and Bridge. Her favorite Wacom tool for retouching is the Wacom Intuos Pro. We can confirm that her love for the Wacom Pen is very intense.

That’s Mikeila Borgia’s Warrior of Digital Art, and yes she is holding a Wacom digital pen on literal* fire. And she didn’t do it alone, no señor. Check out her amazing crew and behinds the scenes action.
*Not literal fire

Mikeila dislikes labeling her work and style. She likes to focus on self-expression and the creative journey itself. Her style differs greatly from project to project, but a visible constant in her work is collaboration. Mikeila surrounds herself with an amazing team of creative friends who are equally committed to bringing magical worlds to life.

Her crew in the project above is as follows:

Styling & production: Lali Pagani / @lalipagani
Light designer & digital creative: Manuel Jerez / @infraciclo
Model: Carolina Vij from Not Your Models Management / @carovij @notmodelsmgmt
Fx – Makeup: Max Canosa / @maxcanosa
Hair: Ivana Robles / @freestylingtrenceria
Art Direction: Karen Z. Eckell / @karenzeta.h
Motion & 3D: @ey.nerda Harriott / @mebrasharriott
Sketch and illustrations: Juan Ursic / @juanursic
Graphic designer: Maite Penco /@maitepenco
Styling Asist: Isabella Gomez Tendler / @isabellagomezt
Film: Fabito D’Angelo / @fabitokool
Lighting equipment: @visico_china @megafoto_ok
Costume Designers, Evelyna Campos / @evelynacamp / Emilse Benitez @benitezemilse / Renatta @alai.acc

This year Mikeila was part of our Wacom: Give Unconventional campaign, in which we featured artists from the Wacom community who have inspired us throughout the years. When it comes to Wacom, Mikeila has been incredibly proactive in sharing her fanatical support for Wacom tablets, recommending our products to her students, and openly speaking about the ways in which working with the Wacom pen and the Intuos Pro helped her push the limits of her imagination.

Below is Mikeila’s review of our Intuos Pro and a little introduction about herself and her magical world. She made this for us a while back, but we think it’s worth a share!

We want to thank Mikeila and all the amazing artists who never settle and continue creating, sharing, and forever evolving. Where would Wacom be without you?

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