thINK 21: Rethink the classroom for a future of remote, hybrid and in person digital coursework.

March 11, 2021

thINK21 offers three days of free, online professional learning to help K-20 teachers incorporate digital technologies and curriculum to inspire and engage all STEAM and creative arts learners.

The classroom continues its evolution from in person, to fully remote, to the hybrid approach of the future. Now, as many schools return to in person classrooms, the conversation turns to how to best leverage the benefits of online, hybrid experiences and technology in the classroom. Wacom, the global leader in digital ink, has gathered top education experts to share ideas and tips on using technology to generate creativity, deeper comprehension, student engagement, and meaningful collaboration.

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Technology loomed large in most every version of the classroom this past year, for better or for worse. As more teachers and students return to the classroom, finding the right technology mix and tools will be critical to engaging every learner. But what does this mix look like?

With the thINK21 education virtual conference, Wacom has gathered educators from K12, Higher Education of a wide range of subjects with a focus on STEAM to share advice, ideas and tips on building the next version of their classroom, the incorporation of digital curriculum and using technology to empower teachers and students alike to innovate and excel.

Three days of thINK21

Each day will focus on a specific segment of the education landscape. The conference starts on March 18 with curriculum focused on teaching the creative arts. Award-winning Netflix director, Jorge Gutierrez will inspire the audience with his journey from student to showrunner. Classes include preparing students for a career in the creative arts, and ideas from FableVision on how to teach animation.

March 25 is focused on Higher Education and begins with author and speaker, Flower Darby identifying small, but impactful adjustments to boost student engagement and learning. Additional sessions include how to draw your notes, and how to create the right tech setup for a the remote, hybrid and traditional learning environment.

April 1 features programming for K12 teachers, and kicks off with Dr. Tom Ryan, Chief Information and Strategy Office for Santa Fe Public Schools and his colleagues sharing the story about the district’s STEM programs and how these programs have grown and are now impacting the district’s entire community. Additional sessions include tips for simple but impactful instructional video production and making lessons more creative.

thINK21 offers live and pre-recorded videos, and every session will be available on the website. All sessions are free, and Wacom will provide a certificate for teachers who attend.

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