Three Takeaways from Schoolhouse.World’s Connected Ink 2022 Education Session

December 14, 2022 is a non-profit founded by Sal Khan of Khan Academy that offers free online tutoring in math, SAT prep, and more, all hosted by volunteer peer tutors.

During Connected Ink 2022, Wacom hosted a panel discussion about the support the provides to students, teachers, and tutors. During the discussion, we heard from Akshay Ravikumar and Matt Wu from the team as well as two peer tutors, Evan Hadam and Rianna Santra. They shared the history and future vision for, and information on how to get started using the service a teacher, learner, or tutor!

Check out the recording of the session below, as well as some takeaways from the session from Wacom’s Education Specialist.

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Three Takeaways from the Schoolhouse.World Connected Ink Session:

1. Schoolhouse.World has a variety of tutoring options

Once someone has registered for, they can select from three options. First, they can log in for one-on-one help from math tutors every weekday from 4:00-7:00 PST. Or, one of their most popular options is SAT prep — a series of courses that learners can enroll in to prepare for upcoming SAT tests. Finally, in addition to these options, tutors are also able to set up their own series of courses in content that interests them. I even saw a course on learning how to crochet!

2. Tutoring is provided by peers

The service uses Peer Tutoring, which means students instructing other students. We see this every day in our classrooms — students are often extremely effective at helping one another, and the mutual support also creates powerful connections for students. As a learner, it can be less intimidating to learn from someone closer in age to you. Peer tutoring gives learners an opportunity to learn about the content differently than the classroom teacher presented it and from a peer that recently learned the information.

The tutors are also building skills in leadership, communication, planning, and self-confidence. has taken the time to support and qualify the tutors that are offering services — all tutors must test and qualify to teach their tutoring content. So, they have the benefit of building connections, and the benefit of being knowledgeable and well-trained.

3. It’s free

This is a big deal! Many families cannot afford one-on-one tutoring. They want the best for their children but for many, once students get to a certain level in mathematics, it becomes more difficult for family members to support them. In addition to individual tutoring, SAT test preparation has become a big industry. provides a curriculum for their tutors to guide learners through SAT preparation. No matter the type of tutoring option you choose, it is free with

Want to learn more about Schoolhouse.World? You can view the entire panel discussion on the Connected Ink YouTube channel. You can also visit their website for more information.

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About the author

Michele Dick is the Education Specialist on the Wacom team. She has over 20 years experience in education as a classroom teacher and educational technology administrator. Michele’s passion is to work with educators to find ways that technology can solve problems and amplify student voice.

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