Wacom One Launch: Celebrating More than 35 Years of Friendship

January 14, 2020

Whenever a product launches here at Wacom, we do our best to celebrate the decades of innovation and partnership with artists that led to Wacom tablets being the premier tool for digital creativity. We all get to try out the product weeks ahead and it’s a good time to compare our drawing skills. (Full disclosure: Wacom’s internal crew is filled with people who can wield a stylus. Some better than others.) But on the day of launch, we are all bracing for impact and we don’t often get to truly celebrate with our friends, both those who work at Wacom, and those who partner with us every single day, whether that’s our fabulous artists or our business partners.

This year, we launched the Wacom One at CES in Las Vegas and if there’s ever a place where you can celebrate something (or nothing, frankly) it’s in Sin City. We had plenty to celebrate with the launch of Wacom One. Here’s a short list:

Drawing Tablet for Beginners

Wacom One: Draw On Screen for $400

First up in the what-to-celebrate list: the product itself. Thanks to its price of $400, Wacom One allows even more artists to start their work on the screen. It also works with an Android phone, which means you can take your phone and your Wacom One to the café and draw digitally, easy peasy.


Draw with Your Favorite Brand of Pen + Free Software

One thing Wacom does, that other brands don’t: we actually put our tablets and pens in the hands of artists before they’re released. We got a chance to hand over the Wacom One with the STAEDTLER Noris stylus to artists for weeks ahead of launch. No surprise: they loved using this stylus. Wacom One works with not just STAEDTLER, but also Lamy, Samsung and several more. Not only are we celebrating our hardware friends, but also our software friends. Not to brag, but we’re besties with the top art software makers around, like Adobe and Clip Studio Paint. We got our buds together and we’re offering the following with fab software Wacom One:

Clip Studio Paint: software for drawing and painting

Bamboo Paper: your digital paper notebook from Wacom

Adobe Premiere Rush: software for shooting, editing and sharing online videos

COMING SOON: Adobe Fresco, drawing software offering a large collection of vector and raster brushes

Wacom Staff: Ready for the Spotlight

We gave editors from around the world a test drive on Wacom One at ShowStoppers. Once again, they were in love with the STAEDLER Noris. They also tried out Wacom One on an Android device and they were so surprised by its smooth performance that we had to say, yes, this is the one connected to the phone more than a few times. Our own Don Varga, who is a professionally trained artist, gave some press interviews. He’s not only our VP of Marketing, but he draws an orthogonal chair like no one else. In fact, Don’s chairs are all over our white boards in the office. All the angles!!

Here are a few great stories that came out of CES:

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Drawing on Partnerships

For more than 35 years, Wacom has been building relationships with most everyone in the electronics space globally. Whether that’s computer manufacturers, software manufacturers, retailers, universities, movie studios or game developers (to name a few), Wacom is in daily communication with our friends. It’s rare that we get to see our pals face to face. For the launch of Wacom One, we gathered our friends around to celebrate and meet each other at a Las Vegas Knights hockey game. It was the first time many of our global friends had seen a hockey game in person. If you’ve been to a hockey game, then you know it’s impossible not to get sucked into the excitement. All of the music, lights and hockey action perfectly reflected the excitement and gratitude we felt for all of our friends who support Wacom and the new Wacom One.

If you’re ready to feel the partnership excitement, grab a Wacom One. It’s a one-of-a-kind tablet and one that’s come to life thanks to our more than 35 years of friendship around the world.

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