Wacom Pro Pen lineup

Wacom Pro Pen slim Comparison and Review

By Pamela Park
March 12, 2019

Our favorite IT security manager and tech reviewer, John Ferry from the YouTube channel Create Now Sleep Later reviews the newest addition to the Wacom Pro Pen lineup – the Wacom Pro Pen slim and compares it to the Pro Pen 2 and Pro Pen 3D. See how this new pen stands up to John’s rigorous testing.


About John Ferry

John is currently a full-time IT Security manager who studied art as his first love. Over the years, John decided to focus on the things he loved most, and his YouTube channel has organically evolved to hardware reviews of creative products. John has created a unique niche with his reviews; with his extensive IT experience, he crafts his reviews as though he was an IT person tasked with supporting the device. By drawing on his artistic background, he deftly blends the technical specs of the device with what an artist would care about when using it.

John is a firm believer that if you do what you were meant to do, the universe will help you along. He is super responsive to folks that have questions on the devices he reviews and freely offers help and troubleshooting advice.

Along with growing his YouTube channel, John is  looking forward to dedicating more time to illustration, creating reviews and finishing his first manuscript which he hopes to self-publish soon.

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