August 4, 2021

A creativity contest to pay tribute to the superheroes of the pandemic.

Life without open schools, cinemas, festivals, and concerts certainly caught us by surprise and put our creativity to the test. In this second edition of the Atrévete challenge, the mission is to pay tribute to those who inspired us, taught us, and gave us strength during the year where everything came to a standstill, except them. Turn your pandemic hero into a superhero to win a Wacom One and other sweet prizes. We want to reward your creativity and that of teachers, mothers, fathers, children, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, health workers, mentors, and other everyday angels who helped us move forward, despite the circumstances.

#WacomAtrévete2021 will take place from August 5 to October 5, 2021 and will be supported by the artists participating Wacom Academy.

 Dare to compete?

To participate in #WacomAtrevete2021 you must:

1. Turn your pandemic hero into a superhero.

2. Share your tribute on Instagram before October 5 with the hashtag #WacomAtrevete2021.

3. Register to Wacom Academy and follow Wacom global on Instagram and your regional account, whether that’s Wacom Mexico, Wacom Centroamérica, Wacom Colombia, Wacom Ecuador, Wacom Perú, Wacom Chile, Wacom Argentina/Uruguay/Paraguay, and Wacom Brasil.

Who can participate?

We invite artists of all ages and in all disciplines, including all types of digital or analog art, photography, or animation. No preference will be given to digital art or art created with Wacom tools. This challenge is open to all creatives in the Americas, from Canada to Patagonia.

Who are the judges?

Alexis Moyano


Grand Chamaco

Randall Random

How and when will the winners be chosen?

The 4 judges will choose the 10 winners based on the originality and creative merit of each piece in their respective categories. We invite you not to copy elements of superheroes that already exist. Surprise us with your own designs and show off your skills! The execution of the idea, its presentation, and its history or origin will be taken into account by each of the judges. The popularity of the piece or the artist on social media will not be a contributing factor to win.
Winners will be announced via @Wacom’s official Instagram account on October 11 and each will be contacted directly by @Wacom.
Remember that in order to participate in the challenge you must be part of Wacom Academy 2021 by registering for one of the more than 30 webinars, conferences, and workshops. Failure to register for Wacom Academy will disqualify you. 

Wacom Academy is Wacom’s annual art and education festival celebrating design, art, animation, photography, and more in Latin America. The event is completely free and allows art students to learn and interact with international artists behind some of today’s most stunning works of art and studio productions. We invite you to be part of this unique, totally virtual experience, from the comfort of your home.

What are the prizes?

Nara Oliveira

The ten #WacomAtrevete2021 winners will get equal prize packages, including:

1 Wacom One

1 Special Edition Wacom t-shirt

1 Clip Studio Paint Pro License

1 Guest apparance on a special #WacomAtrévete2021 episode on Wacom Cast en Español, hosted by Mike Sandoval


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