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March 18, 2020

PORTLAND, OREGON — It was around 3:40 am on Friday morning on March 20th 2020 when a burglary occurred at the Wacom Portland office. A large Cintiq Pro and a couple of Pro Pen Slims were taken from the premises. There was only one witness, who, inexplicably, was also there during that dark, early morning. Her name is Pamela Park and her excuse for being at the premises during that strange hour is also being looked at. However, the only lead into the perpetrator the Wacom authorities have is her eye-witness account.

After eight hours of questioning, the authorities provided an official suspect description based on Miss Park’s incredibly detailed account.

The incredibly detailed account:

  • White male
  • Mid 30s
  • He had sleepy looking eyes
  • Face looked like an upside-down egg
  • He was not too tall, but not short either
  • Wore a hat that is similar to the old newspaper delivery boys or like a golfer
  • His hair was short, and peeked out from under his hat, but didn’t cover his ears
  • His ears were long and stuck out a bit
  • He had on a pair of kind of “squarish” glasses
  • Mustache: “He had that Salvador Dali look going on”
  • For sure average looking eyebrows
  • He had kind of a big nose with a round top, with semi large nostrils
  • Wide mouth with lips of average thickness, though she’s pretty sure his upper lip was a bit thinner
  • His chin was average shaped and it was covered with a small amount of chin hair like a little beard
  • Unremarkable, average cheeks
  • Forehead was mostly covered by his hat
  • He wore a Christmas sweater with a Santa Claus carrying gifts.


The Wacom team calls out its entire artist community on Instagram in North America, Latin America* and Europe to help develop a face composite of the perp. To assist along the way with tips on forensic facial imaging, Wacom has brought in internationally renowned police sketch artist Michael W. Streed, AKA Sketchcop. Your composite does not have to be digital and everyone is encouraged to participate.


  1. Follow Wacom on Instagram.
  2. Read Pamela Park’s incredibly detailed account.
  3. Visualize the perpetrator using the clues given.
  4. Draw him.
  5. Submit your composite via Instagram tagging @Wacom and using the hashtag #TheWacomFiles before April 23, 2020 at 8am PST.
  6. Wait for justice to be served and maybe win yourself some awesome Wacom gear and ClipStudioPaint!


Only after the dark shadow of doubt disappears and the finger-print dust settles, the Wacom authorities and renowned police sketch artist Michael W. Streed will judge the composites and pick the top 3 who came closest to looking like the real Cintiq thief. The identity of the thief will be revealed on April 24th and winners will be notified via Instagram.


Three participating crime-smashing artists will be rewarded for their forensic accuracy. The rewards are:

1st: Wacom Cintiq 16 + CSP
2nd: Wacom One + CSP
3rd: Intuos Pro S + CSP

Read the full terms and conditions here.
*Due to shipping restrictions, we cannot include Venezuela in our list of participating countries in LATAM. 

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