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Why You Should Start Drawing


Let’s face it, when drawing you’re going to make a ton of failures. In fact, every drawing you make will probably have some sense of failure to it, but only because you are growing through that failure.

As a beginner, you can probably look at your drawing, and tell it is a bad, but maybe you’re not sure exactly what is wrong with it. But if you push on you’re going to get some clues, and suddenly every failure starts to feel less and less like a disaster and more like a learning experience.

Lots of people think that artists are born with a natural talent for art, but no one is inclined to think people are born knowing how to play guitar or speak a foreign language. People might be naturally talented at picking something up, but they’re not going to inherently know something. While I won’t say natural talent doesn’t exist, I will say no one has ever gone far with natural talent alone.

In this video, Mattias shows you the secrets to unlocking your best artistic self.