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Why Your Art Teacher Hates your Anime Art


Have you ever had an art teacher who doesn’t allow their students to draw anime or Manga art? Your first response may be to get offended, hurt or upset, thinking that art teachers should allow students the freedom of creating any type of art they desire.

But there may be reasons for discouraging the anime/manga art form – at least in the beginning of your art journey. If you want to make good art, you first need to understand the fundamentals.

All art has a basis in reality and all artists need to study how things work in real life, draw on that knowledge, and learn how to simplify or exaggerate these things. Often times when beginners draw anime or Manga art, they see it as a quick shortcut for getting good at art and that’s when a lot of teachers will warn you not to draw in that style because you’re using it as a crutch.

In this video, Swedish artist Mattias Pilhede shines light on how to avoid getting stuck in the trap of thinking there are shortcuts to great art, no matter what style you draw in.

About Mattias

Mattias Pilhede is a self-described video man who likes to make weird things. He creates entertaining and thought-provoking  videos and animatics that indulge in odd thoughts or comedy. Always valuable. Never clickbait-y. 100% Mattias-y.

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