Barcelona "Salon del Manga" 2019

The biggest festival of manga, anime, cosplay and Japanese culture in Spain took place just a few weeks ago. This season has been really busy for the Wacom Europe team, but we just love to show you how it feels like to fulfill your creative dreams with our gear. This time, we shared the experience of drawing manga and comics at Salon del Manga 2019 in sunny Barcelona. Ready for some impressions?

Wacom booth were buzzing

We had the lovely artists Marisa Martínez and José Antonio Pérez, also known as JAPE de 365BOCETOS, at our booth. In a tight schedule over these couple of days they were giving tutorials, live demonstrations and quite a lot of sound advice while drawing and revealing their workflow. Marisa specialized on characters, taught how to draw them and talked about as many aspects she could fit into the schedule that matter to her work. And JAPE focused on teaching how to draw chibi and kawaii, which are two different styles popular not only in the Japanese culture.
Visitors at our booth could actually learn a lot and take that new knowledge with them to boost their creativity at home with future projects. With our equipment laid out for them, they had the chance to follow along and test Wacom products at any time – if the drawing tablets were not occupied. And that is exactly what they did. See for yourselves:

Is this an event for you? If you want to go there next year, make sure to free up some time at the end of October to beginning of November. Visiting our booth will add a big portion to the experience. Hungry for more information about Manga Barcelona? Here are some bits and pieces following, for more information visit Manga Barcelona.

Some facts about this year’s Manga Barcelona, aka Salon del Manga

Just like the comic fair, Salon del Manga also changed its name and will continue to be called Manga Barcelona from this year on. For this occasion, the poster had been run by Kenny Ruiz, one of the most recognized Spanish authors of manga, with 20 years of career trained at the Escola Joso in Barcelona, and the illustrator and colorist Noiry. This year’s edition (24th)of the Manga Barcelona, formerly known as Salon del Manga, grew once more in space and number of exhibitors.
It added 3000 m² on top of last year and occupied 78,000 m² of the Fira de Montjuïc exhibition centre (pavilions 1,2,2,1,3,4 and 5 and the Univers square). This way it was able to overcome the overwhelming success of the last edition that already gathered 150,000 visitors. We are pretty sure it will continue to grow, especially, when you will be going there next year.
What else could also be waiting for you 2020 based on this year? The Manga Kids section, the playful and familiar space for children, probably will be continued, as well as the gastronomic space, run by Roger Ortuño. Oh, and not to forget the Nintendo space. Also this year, the Japan Experience was renewed and the covered stage of the Universe square was maintained, which housed the essential cosplay competitions (including the Spanish final of the World Cosplay Summit 2020), musical performances and dance exhibitions. If you are interested in cosplay, you will surely enjoy this year’s impressions. These are just some examples:

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