The hottest trend in tech: reboxings

April 1, 2021

Let’s face it. The last year or so has been garbage and we need to make some changes, mix things up and do them differently. Unboxings are a thing of the past. They’re old-hat, formulaic and passé – so 2010.  Yawn.

That’s why the new tech trend of 2021 presents a real challenge: it’s easy to take things out of a box, but how many people can master the precision needed to rebox them?

We asked a few of our artist friends to demonstrate their unique reboxing skills and they did not disappoint. Check them out.

Collin Chan

This Canadian artist and filmmaker takes his reboxing to elegant new heights.

Luke McGarry

Luke may have been late to the game on other trends, but he’s an early adopter to reboxings.

Tony Washington

In this ‘5 Minute Craft’-style video, Tony shows off his lifehack for when you get caught peeking at your birthday presents.

Mike Morris

We think Mike is channeling his inner Bob Ross in his rendition.

Ben Risbeck

Ben is forced to get creative with his packing materials when an overzealous recycler strikes.

Penelope (“Peng-Peng”) and Jerry (“The Franchize”)  Gaylord

Everyone’s favorite San Diego Comic Con couple takes on the challenge together, just as they do IRL.

Unboxing/Reboxing Wacom Challenge from Penelope Rivera Gaylord on Vimeo.

Vinod Krishnan

One of our favorite in-booth demo artists (remember when we did actual events?), Vinod Krishnan, explores silent, but still magical reboxing.

Janet Chan

Janet takes this challenge quite seriously, but wait till the end for a great surprise.

Special thanks to our wonderful, amazing, creative reboxing crew:

Collin Chan, Luke McGarry, Tony Washington, Ben Risbeck, Penelope and Jerry Gaylord, Vinod Krishnan, Mike Morris and Janet Chan.

Learn more about everyone and follow them on social

Ben Risbeck: InstagramWebsite

Ben is an illustrator, designer, fossil hunter, Jeep owner, amateur gourmet pancake chef and creator of theLunchNapkinChallenge.

Collin Chan: Website | Instagram

Collin Chan is a Canadian artist, Corel Painter Master Elite and award winning filmmaker who’s artwork can be seen on most social media platforms. He graduated with a B.A in illustration from Sheridan College. His realistic approach to digital and traditional artwork (including acrylic, oil, inks, watercolour and other mixed mediums) explores themes of humanity, truth and life.

Janet Chan: Website | Instagram

Janet is an ex-Disney animator who’s co-founder of Honey and Absinthe, which sells merch that caters to the alternative illustrative and comic audience.

Jerry “the Franchize” Gaylord: Website | Instagram

Jerry is a storyboard artist currently working at Blizzard Entertainment. He is also a comic book artist working on a title for DC Comics. He has previously worked as a storyboard artist at Warner Bros Animation.

Luke McGarry: Website | Instagram

Luke McGarry is an illustrator, cartoonist, animator and designer from Manchester, UK, now based in Los Angeles. who created minor internet phenomenon Sad Chewie, as well as a number of animations and music videos. He has received both Advertising Illustrator of the Year and the Silver T-Square award from the National Cartoonist Society, and a cease and desist letter from the city of Santa Monica.


Mike Morris: Facebook

Mike Morris is a professional storyboard, comic and animation artist and longtime Wacom friend. He was responsible for wrangling some of the talent of this project.

Penelope “Peng-Peng” Gaylord” Instagram | Website

Penelope is a freelance character designer and illustrator. She is currently working with Imagine Ent Kids + Family. She has illustrated Marvel books for Penguin Random House.

Tony Washington: Website | Instagram | Twitter

Tony is a San Diego-based concept artist, illustrator and music producer with over 25 years of professional experience in comics, video games and feature films.

Vinod Krishnan: Instagram

Vinod is a 2D animator and vizdev artist who is often seen demoing in the Wacom booth at West Coast events.



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