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Discover seamless post-processing: Wacom and Capture One’s dynamic collaboration

March 13, 2024

Wacom is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Capture One software, providing Wacom customers with added value in their purchase of Wacom professional products.

Wacom Intuos Pro and Wacom Cintiq Pro products are globally recognized as the professional standard in creative pen tablets and displays, while Capture One is a powerhouse in the realm of photo editing, renowned for its exceptional capabilities in tethered shooting, RAW image processing, color grading, and workflow management. When using Capture One with Wacom’s industry-leading pen tablets and displays, photographers can elevate their post-processing workflow with enhanced efficiency and seamless operation.

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A 3-month trial of Capture One comes free with every purchase of select Wacom products

As part of this collaboration, new customers can take advantage of a unique opportunity. Upon purchasing a Wacom Cintiq Pro or Wacom Intuos Pro, they will receive a complimentary 3-month trial of a Capture One All-in-One subscription. This trial opens the door to a world of possibilities, allowing users to explore the full range of Capture One’s features and capabilities and bring their photos to life.

What’s Included in the 3-month All-In-One trial from Wacom:

  • Capture One Desktop: Experience the power of Capture One’s desktop software, optimized for seamless integration with Wacom pen tablets and displays.
  • Capture One Mobile: Start your editing journey on the go with Capture One’s mobile app, compatible with iPhone and iPad devices.
  • Collaboration Tools: Access Capture One Live Unlimited for enhanced collaboration capabilities, allowing you to work seamlessly with colleagues and clients.
  • Priority Support: Receive priority support from Capture One’s dedicated customer support team, ensuring that you have the assistance you need when you need it.
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The benefits of using Capture One + Wacom together

When combining Capture One with Wacom’s industry-leading tablets and displays, users can spend less time editing and reach their final look even faster. Capture One Pro on desktop offers mind-blowing colors, incredible RAW conversion, speedy AI support tools, precise editing, collaboration options, and seamless camera connectivity.

Paired with Wacom tablets or displays, users enjoy enhanced editing precision and control for a more immersive and efficient editing experience. Customizable pen and ExpressKey™ settings streamline workflows with actions like undo, and users can adjust brush size or opacity using only pen pressure. Precision masking enables for precise editing and selective adjustments, while Wacom’s Precision Mode facilitates pixel-perfect editing and fine-tuning of images. Learn more about how to configure your Wacom tablet for use with Capture One with this article from Fstoppers.

Discover the power of Wacom and Capture One today.

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