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This time, we present to you the amazing art of Eye.C (Ted).

We, the social media team, came across Ted´s impressive Instagram account and reached out to him with some questions.

This is what Ted told to Wacom:

“My name is Ted Chin, 28 years old digital artist and photographer based in San Francisco, CA. I’m passionate about creating surreal art with photo manipulation. I love collecting other artists’ work and hang them in my workspace. I have a very broad taste with music, but my top three is probably Jazz, Lo-fi music, and classical music. Something that can help me relax and focus on creating.” Ted uses a Wacom Intuos to create his work.
blod moon
“My inspiration came from movies, anime, storybooks, and other artists’ work. Love movies from Studio Ghibli (Miyazaki). Some of my favorite artists are Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Man Ray, Vladimir Kush, Erik Johansson, and Erik Almas and many more.”

Our friends over at Adobe Photoshop have really cool tutorials and videos where you can improve your skills. For example, this interview with Ted.
Have a look:

“I can’t write well so I create images instead ». So, each picture tells the story of a dreamlike environment, often inhabited by mythical creatures, with elegance and refinement”

Be like Ted and ‘Unleash your creative superpowers with Wacom’.


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Ted working on his Wacom Intuos

Thank you, Ted.