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We’re celebrating educators during American Education Week

November 18, 2022

This week was American Education Week!

First celebrated in 1921, American Education Week was created by the National Education Association to celebrate educators and build support for public education.

We wanted to celebrate all of the amazing educators and school staff members who are working on behalf of students everywhere and who have either touched our lives or inspired us. Wacom employees nominated school staff members, and on our Instagram page we highlighted five educators who have had a positive impact.

Here are the featured educators, along with what a Wacom team member said about why they were nominated.

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Stephanie Mateus, Pioneer Middle School, DuPont, WA

“Stephanie Mateus became a teacher later in life because she has such a love for teaching kids. She has a passion for science and loves the integration of technology and innovation, which is so helpful in connecting with and educating middle school students. Her enthusiasm for teaching is infectious — so much so that her daughter is also becoming a teacher. She is also affecting national change with her involvement in Amplify Science — a collective of educators in the Puget Sound area who are working on a year-long collaboration to enhance the nationwide K-8 science curriculum. Mrs. Mateus is an amazing impactful educator in so many ways.”

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Jodi Gowans, Baltimore City Public Schools, Baltimore, MD

“Since graduating from college, Jodi has been a school teacher who works tirelessly helping students grow and learn. She is a constant advocate for her students and for her school. In addition to teaching class, she also helps out with students who use English as their second language. She has helped thousands of kids throughout her career and continues to inspire kids in her class and in her school.”

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Karrie Fansler, Evergreen Public Schools, Vancouver, WA

“Karrie Fansler is an amazing educator. She inspires and supports educators to do their best work with students and staff. Ms. Fansler has experience as an English teacher, and currently supports the design of professional development for many teachers across the school district. Her positive impact is felt from the highest reaches of the district leadership to the student level. She directly supports instructional coaches to provide high quality and impactful professional learning for teachers. She is a ray of hope and sunshine.”

Matt Guertin, Metropolitan Regional Career and Technical Center, Providence, RI

“With 11 years (and counting) dedicated to teaching mathematics and having risen to positions of leadership, Matt has been sharing his infectious enthusiasm for math in ways I can’t always wrap my head around (I’m often in awe of his command of mathematics!). He’s also explored and supported independent film making and can bring a great humor to the screen.”

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Michele Dick, Wacom Technology Corporation, Portland, OR

“Michele is an educator who is devoted to helping other teachers use technology creatively and successfully. From the basics forward, she understands the needs of classroom teachers, because she spent years as a frontline educator. Now, she helps educators harness the power and possibilities of Wacom digital ink technologies to enhance instruction and unleash students’ creativity, communications, and collaboration skills. She’s a go-to expert when it comes to helping shape Wacom’s support for the education community!”

The best Wacom products for educators:

Wacom Cintiq Pro 16

Wireless Intuos pen tablet

Wacom Intuos is designed to make teaching hassle-free. With Bluetooth connectivity, you’re free to move about the classroom while still controlling your computer with the digital pen and tablet. ExpressKeys can be easily programmed on Mac or PC as your favorite keyboard shortcuts to save time when instructing.

Wacom Cintiq Pro 16

Wacom One pen display

Whether in the classroom or online, teachers can use the Wacom One pen display to present lessons, illustrate learnings, take notes, annotate, and answer questions. When it comes to students, the pen makes the switch to digital working easy and intuitive.


One By Wacom pen tablet

Ideal for students, the One By Wacom takes learning to the next level. The realistic digital pen recreates the classroom experience from anywhere. It gives you the freedom to write, annotate, create, collaborate, study or teach in ways like never before.

abeni jones headshot

About the author

Abeni Jones is a former graphic designer, illustrator, and educator, and current writer, who bought her first Wacom tablet in 1999. She’s passionate about video games, design, and the great outdoors.

Wacom Movink pen display

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