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Emma Black and her unique Mysterious Art

"As an artist who uses both traditional and digital mediums, my tablet is integral in helping me to create new work, as well as easily ...

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Terms and Conditions Connected Ink Canvas 2020

1.   By marking your artwork with the hashtag #connectedinkcanvason Instagram you grant Wacom Europe GmbH (“Wacom”) for free a world wide non-exclusive license to use, ...

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Now your new Wacom Intuos Pro comes with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects

    Pairing Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects with an Intuos Pro allows users greater efficiency. The creative artist can take advantage of efficiency features ...

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Exploring the Future of Ink with Ars Electronica Futurelab

The teams working together in the studio space Ars Electronica Futurelab and Wacom launched a collaborative research project to explore the possibility of creativity from all ...

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The Simple Way to Manage Online Lesson Timings

Getting timing right is an essential part of preparing successful live virtual lessons. But are you finding it a challenge? With no bells to keep ...

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Confidence Building Strategies to Help You Teach Online

We often talk about students struggling with virtual learning, but what about teachers? Are you one of the many educators worried about teaching online? It ...

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7 Blender tricks with Dev. Pablo Dobarro

For those who don't know Blender, it is an amazing software that allows you to design anything in 3D. It is in constant development and ...

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Teaching Online in Dubai: A new Experience!

With schools all over the world redesigning because of COVID-19, blended learning is becoming a new normal. Blended learning has been around for a while ...

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Futuristic PUMA RS-2K sneakers commercial

In August, our friends from Kyiv based production Seek Studio released the video of a new RS-2K sneakers by PUMA, hosting Nadiia Dorofeieva as the brand ...

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10 Motivation Boosts for Teachers Working from Home

You’ve been focused on getting your students working. But what about you? Many teachers tell us here at Wacom that they find it difficult to ...

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7 Ways to Stop a Poor Internet Connection Ruining Your Online Lessons

 We often hear from teachers struggling with the same problem- a poor internet connection. An unreliable connection ruins the pace and delivery of your well-planned ...

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8 Ways to Prepare Before Your Live Online Lesson Begins

At Wacom we’re committed to supporting teachers as you move to online lessons. Teaching live online can be particularly daunting. There’s so much to learn. ...

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