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Use your Samsung Galaxy with Wacom ONE and Clip Studio Paint!

Yes! You don't need to have a PC in order to start your next masterpiece! Just take your Samsung Galaxy out of your pocket and ...

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Learning, teaching and creating digitally made easy with Wacom and Chromebook

Wacom is making its intuitive and easy to use pen tablets and displays available to the growing group of Chromebook users. The One by Wacom ...

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A Veterinarian approach to Wacom’s tablets

We met Anna during a trip to Indonesia. She was in our hostal taking care of an eagle. We talk about many things in life ...

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Wacom and Limnu for Smooth Whiteboard Drawing

Limnu is a simple yet effective digital whiteboard space. Wacom pens create the smoothest online drawing experience for it.

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Wacom with Pear Deck for Engaging Lesson Presentations

Pear Deck lets you add interactive templates to your slide shows. Use your Wacom pen to further personalise them.

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Wacom and Kami for Effective Document Editing

Using Wacom with Kami makes the useful drawing tools even more effective.

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Explain Everything Meets Wacom for the Best Digital Whiteboard Experience

Explain Everything creates a familiar whiteboard experience with the benefits of cutting edge technology. With Wacom’s new integration you can create stunning learner resources.

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Collaboard Meets Wacom: Digital Whiteboards for Remote Teaching

Collaboard gives teachers a digital whiteboard, perfect for remote learning. Wacom pens make it flexible and simple to use.

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Phanttoni shows us how to edit photography like a PRO

Hey there! I'm Anttoni Salminen from Finland, also known as Phanttoni on social media and i'm a fantasy artist and i'm here to share a ...

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Strategies to Stretch More Able Learners in Online Lessons

You’ve probably spent a lot of time looking at ways to support struggling learners in your online classes. But what about the ones that need ...

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Creating a Graphic Organiser with Wacom

Graphic organisers are nothing new. You might know them as concept maps, relationship charts, or mind maps. They’re essential visual thinking tools you can use ...

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How to Support Physical Health When Teaching Online

After all your efforts to get confident with online learning, don’t forget to look after your own health. Along with mental wellbeing, make your physical ...

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