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Education grant tips #4: Technology

March 8, 2023

How to write winning education grant proposals — with expert Matthew Waynee

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Matthew Waynee is a Cinematic Arts Instructor & EdTech Consultant in Los Angeles Unifed School District. A produced screenwriter and teacher with 20 years of experience, he’s helped build the cinematic arts department at USC Media Arts & Engineering Magnet school from the ground up. He has written more than $2 million in grants and set up partnerships with Nickelodeon, DreamWorks, NBCUniversal, and Warner Bros. In 2016, he was honored to be named the national Magnet Teacher of the Year. He’s also actively involved in establishing a new creative arts apprenticeship program with the California Department of Education. This is the fourth in a series of five short videos where he gives quick and easy tips to get grant funding for your school, classroom, or program. Check out the video below, or read on for a summary!

Tip #4: Incorporate technology

If you’re an art teacher, you might think that what would be best for your classroom are more traditional art supplies. But that might not be the case — many donors want to support art classrooms that prepare students for the future of creativity, and that means technology.

Show what you can do with the technology you have

Waynee taught a film class with eight small, entry-level cameras with very limited video capabilities. Regardless, he embraced it and did the best that he could with what he had. By showcasing to donors what he was able to do with limited resources, he was able to get grants to upgrade.

Show what you could do with upgraded tech

After a number of grants, Waynee ended up with a powerful array of filmmaking technology in his classroom:

  • Professional DSLR cameras
  • High-end tripods
  • 36-seat Mac lab
  • Editing software
  • Professional mics / recorders
  • Light kits
  • Renovated room for studio with Wacom tablets and soundproofing

This is also where Wacom comes in. Wacom creative pen tablets are used by professional artists and creator across all creative industries, from drawing and illustration to filmmaking, and they have a host of other uses in the classroom as well, for students and teachers.

Tie technology into a larger impact

Make sure you always connect the tech upgrades you’re requesting to the story you’re telling about how your classroom and your creative projects will enhance the lives and education of your students, their families, and their community.

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Wacom for Education

Stay tuned for more quick tips from Matthew Waynee on how to get grants for your classroom, coming soon. If you’re interested in more in-depth discussion from Waynee about education grants, check out the webinar he did with Wacom in 2022 here.

For more information about how Wacom supports education, and how Wacom products can elevate collaboration and engagement in classrooms across all grade levels and subject areas, check out the Wacom for Education site or the education section of this blog.

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