How to design your own custom Holiday wrapping paper

Tired of boring holiday wrapping paper, and want to do something a little more special and unique? With Wacom, you can design and print your very own custom holiday wrapping paper. Here’s how.

Connected Ink Recap: The PAR Lab’s innovative climate change animation project

The Penn Animation as Research Lab combines science and art to communicate emerging research related to climate change in a uniquely engaging way.

Seven photographers on Behance who will inspire you with their photo-editing skills

Here are seven diverse, captivating photographers on Behance to check out for inspiration and creativity.

Connected Ink: How the PAR Lab is using Wacom devices to create an innovative science communication project

The Penn Animation as Research Lab combines science and art to communicate emerging research related to climate change in a uniquely engaging way.

Find your digital art style, with this innovative exercise from Collin Chan

Collin Chan is back with more digital art education: in this tutorial, he uses the new Wacom One for a scratchboard exercise to help digital artists level up their skills.

Creating a Magical Midnight Forest with the Wacom One 13 Touch: Taylor Yingshi’s Digital Art Journey

Taylor Yingshi, a talented illustrator, shares her mesmerizing illustration process using her Wacom One 13 Touch in a video that is sure to inspire.

The top five online learning resources for aspiring artists

It’s crucial to learn from more experienced artists to sharpen your skills. That’s why we’ve pulled together these five great resources for aspiring artists.

Fleeting Summer: an illustration process video with Taylor Yingshi

Taylor Yingshi, a talented illustrator and environmental designer for animation, shares her mesmerizing illustration process using her Wacom Intuos Pro medium in a video that is sure to inspire.

Why digital artists shouldn’t ignore traditional art skills 

Traditional artists should give digital art a try to improve their practice — but the reverse is also true! Here’s why digital artists shouldn’t ignore traditional art.

Setting up and controlling LED walls on set with Wacom Cintiq Pro

We spoke with several creators who put Wacom devices through their paces in their on-set workflows to set up and control LED walls on set.

How to make a custom DIY Mother’s Day card

In this tutorial, Lauren Gonzalez uses Adobe InDesign to design a Mother’s Day card, then heads over to Michael’s to take the custom card from concept all the way through to execution.

Is character design always this hard?

In this guest post, artist James Joyce gives advice for beginners who are struggling with character design.

How — and why — I made the switch from Adobe Photoshop to Clip Studio Paint

In this guest post (and in the below video), artist James Joyce explains why he switched from Adobe Photoshop to Clip Studio Paint for his digital painting and illustration work.

How to create digital art — on a Chromebook?

How Wacom can help you get started with digital art if you only have access to a Chromebook.

Beating one of the world’s hardest video games … with a Wacom Cintiq?

An interview with Twitch streamer Luality, who’s beating one of the most difficult video games of our time — using a Wacom tablet!

Creating the VFX of Everything Everywhere All At Once with Wacom

An interview with Pretend VFX, who did VFX work on the Oscar-nominated film Everything Everywhere All At Once.

Creating a 3D ‘Medieval Siege’ with KitBash3D Artist Kristian Llana

We spoke to Kristian Llana about his inspiration for the cover art of KitBash3D’s latest Kit, Medieval Siege.

Digital painting basics for beginners – from simple forms to complex paintings

Tayler Olivas from Proko gives a step-by-step tutorial for beginners on digital painting – starting with simple forms to end up with a complex painting.

How to remove your ex from a photo: Adobe Photoshop tutorial

Just in time for Valentine’s Day — how to remove someone from a group photograph!

Combining art and music into futuristic storytelling with Tony Washington

How artist and musician Tony Washington uses Wacom Intuos Pro and Cintiq Pro to streamline and electrify his creativity.

Inside the Virtual Art Department with Narwhal Studios

We spoke with Safari Sosebee about why VADs at studios like Narwhal Studios use Wacom Cintiq Pro to increase production efficiency.

The winners of KitBash3D’s ‘Mission to Minerva’ 3D art challenge

The winners of KitBash3D’s Mission to Minerva 3D art challenge

Using Wacom Cintiq Pro on-set for cinematography

How Dane Brehm uses a Wacom Cintiq Pro a part of his DIT cart for cinematography.

The best features of the brand-new, incredibly realistic digital painting software, Rebelle 6

How creator Katie Reilly learned to use a Wacom tablet to create products for her Etsy store.

Learning how to use a Wacom tablet to design products for my Etsy store

How creator Katie Reilly learned to use a Wacom tablet to create products for her Etsy store.

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The power of digital ink

Humans have been using ink for thousands of years to express ourselves and preserve knowledge – from plant-based paintings on cave walls to writing and illustrating foundational cultural manuscripts. In the 20th and 21st centuries, digital ink has taken this uniquely human impulse to the next level, with Wacom at the forefront. Wacom created the electro-magnetic resonance (EMR) technology that powers our devices, and we’ve been perfecting it ever since. Today, creatives worldwide use Wacom technology to empower their work through the use of digital ink.

Wacom One tablet

Wacom pen tablets

Wacom has a pen tablet for nearly every creative pursuit. One by Wacom is perfect for the beginner or student. Wacom Intuos bridges the gap between traditional and digital, empowering digital drawing, painting, and photo editing for creatives of all levels. The new Wacom One pen tablets are convenient and customizable. And Wacom Intuos Pro is trusted by creative professionals who need the ultimate in precision, performance, and productivity.

Wacom Cintiq Pro 17

Wacom pen displays

With a Wacom pen display, you use our pressure-sensitive pens directly on the screen for ultimate control and accuracy. Available in a range of display sizes and feature sets – from the 13” display of Wacom One, portable and perfect for beginners, to the Wacom Cintiq Pro in sizes from 16” to 27”, with best-in-class color, gesture controls, and ExpressKeys for customization – there's a Wacom pen display to empower every creator’s wildest dreams.

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Ever dreamed of starting your carreer as an artist but don’t know where to start? @janwischermann  professional photo retoucher, shares a pearl of wisdom for all you emerging artists out there. ✨

Take that first step with the Wacom One and see where it takes you. Discover more in the link in bio!

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🎉 A heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who made Connected Ink event 2023 an unforgettable celebration of creativity! 🚀✨

Let’s keep the creative sparks alive and enjoy this awesome after-event movie! 🔥✨

See you next year!

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Many artists start with traditional tools before they switch to digital, and transitioning can feel daunting and even scary - making them delay it. ⁣
But is it ever too late to start? ⁣
Our friend @apolloscelticswan has some words of wisdom for those starting "late" in digital art. ⁣
When did you make the transition to digital? Was it scary? What helped you?⁣
Let us know in the comments 👇⁣
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A little piece of the creative process of @amanda.ninji_illustration 💫

We love to see the work behind the final piece ❤️ 

Share yours with the hashtag #MadewithWacom so we can feature you next!

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You spend hours picking unique and special gifts for your loved ones, but then settle with generic holiday wrapping paper? 🤯⁣
Why not print your own? Our friends at @thequeerstoreuk have created a fun little tutorial to help you make your very own holiday wrapping paper! ⁣
Find the full tutorial and walk-through on the #WacomBlog through the link in the bio! ⁣

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Exclusively tailored for your Wacom Cintiq Pro 17, the Cintiq Pro 17 Stand boasts a design that perfectly complements your graphic display. 🤩

Elevate your creative experience with the Cintiq Pro 17 Stand, offering additional flexibility and versatility for your workspace. 🚀 

What’s more, it features VESA 75 mount compatibility, ensuring you have even more options for setting up your work environment.

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#WacomSale alert! ⁣
Get the tablet of your dreams. ✨🌟🪄⁣
Digital drawing, painting or photo editing? Whatever you dream of creating, Wacom Intuos has everything you need to make it happen. It’s easy to setup and use, and comes bundled with free creative applications so you can start bringing your ideas to life right away. ⁣
Visit our estores through the links in our bio! ⁣
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Ready for some shopping? 🛒 🛍

We are really enjoying the quiet and moody environment at the end of the shift 💫

 #MadewithWacom by the amazing @milicamastelica 

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Dreaming of a Wacom?⁣
Shop early Black Friday deals on Wacom refurbished products. 😍❗🎁⁣
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Hey there, creative night owls! 🦉

Deadlines are part of the process too, even though is not the funniest part 😅

Who else is feeling related? 💫

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